Transforming Tsavo – The Book & Exhibition

When Molly Bedingfield, creator of the Global Angels Foundation, first went to the Itinyi Valley, the women were walking ten to fifteen kilometres a day to fetch water for their families.

Moved by Molly's passion for transforming disadvantaged communities, we went with her to document her story and the lives of the women in the valley.

We created a book and photography exhibition following Global Angels’ story of hope as they work tirelessly to transform this forgotten community in Tsavo, Kenya.

The book captures the journey of helping the people in the Itinyi Valley not just survive but thrive. Written by 300 co-founder, Caroline Watkin, through Molly’s eyes the book lays out the beauty and struggle of Itinyi Valley, its people and the wildlife they live beside.

Telling the peoples' story

Stunning photography is captured by specialist portraiture photographer Afshin Feiz. Designed and typeset by Phil Jenkins, creating the book and exhibition was both a rite of passage and huge personal undertaking for us all and we couldn’t be more proud of the results.

About the project


To showcase Global Angels' unique mission and work in the Itinyi Valley.


Engage potential corporate sponsors and other supporters to drive fundraising.

The Challenge

Explain Africa's complex challenges in a personal, engaging way. Bring to life the solutions so sponsors understand how they can get involved and the difference they can make. Global Angels use the book in meetings to talk people through their story.

What we did

  • Travelled to Kenya on three occasions to work with the charity on the ground
  • Wrote the story, told through the eyes of the founder, Molly Beddingfield
  • Photographed the people of the valley
  • Designed and typeset the book
  • Secured sponsorship enabling us to produce the book free of charge
  • Sourced a unique exhibition space in the heart of Covent Garden
  • Curated the exhibition and organised a launch event
  • A passion, pro bono project where we donated all our time and expertise


A beautiful book that has resonated with potential sponsors, current sponsors and individual supporters facilitating Global Angels growth as a foundation. A photography exhibition that grew awareness of the foundation.

Receive a copy

This 86 page, A4, hard-backed book contains an inspirational story and stunning photography. Hopefully, you will buy a copy! To purchase a copy for £30 please contact

100% of the cost will go directly to Global Angels to help the community in the Itinyi Valley, Tsavo, Kenya.

Or request an electronic copy of the book here. 

About Global Angels

The Global Angels Foundation is an international charity transforming disadvantaged communities around the world. Our goal is to develop, fund and replicate highly innovative and sustainable solutions across the globe.