Free online yoga classes with Alex Benasuli

Come and be inspired by Alex in these meditative free-flowing yoga classes

Six weeks into lockdown and the 300 team is getting a little stiff from working long hours supporting our clients. So we joined our friend and professional yoga teacher Alex Benasuli for his restorative online yoga classes.

We got so much out of the sessions that we asked Alex if we could share his classes with all our clients. He has a lovely community meeting on Tuesdays at 8am – 9am and Fridays 3pm – 4pm BST and we’d be delighted to see you there.

The classes are suitable for all levels and you’ll leave with a refreshed mind and a spring in your step.

How to register

Friend Alex on Facebook: Alex J. Benasuli or on Instagram @lonalex69 and then just send him a direct message mentioning 300 and he’ll add you to the class.

About Alex
Alex came to yoga as a result of a physical injury but stayed for the mind, body and soul exploration. Ever since, his practice and teaching have been about getting present though body and breath awareness as a way to decrease suffering and increase joy.

Alex teaches a strong, flowing yet forgiving practice, grounded in earth energy but with the passion of fire and the lightness of air. For Alex, the practices of yoga, physical and other, are about reestablishing connection to self, community, and the universe and, by doing so, creating the space for gratitude, humility and love to thrive. His teachers in the US, Europe and India have inspired him to be of service. 

Alex also teaches online at Triyoga

Join us on Tuesdays 8-9am or
Fridays 3-4pm BST