Guest speaking and cooking with Masgroves

In July, co-founder, Caroline Watkin spoke at Masgroves panel event with a difference. Her challenge was to talk ‘Is Digital Killing Communications’ whilst cooking kedgeree in the style of TV’s Saturday Kitchen!

Caroline led with the perspective that actually, companies will be killed if they don’t fully embrace the latest digital tools in the workplace.

She also argued that companies should simplify all things digital things for their employees.

According to a recent report, an average enterprise uses 461 disparate apps – with each functional group relying on specialized functional apps designed to serve them better.*

No wonder employees are confused!

The average number of apps we use to get work done
*Source Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2017

The impact of poor technology on employee engagement is well documented. 42% of Millennials believe employers should always adopt the latest tech and 53% say they are more likely to accept a job offer if their employer uses the same consumer-based tech they use in everyday life – according to Robert Walters research.

As a Workplace by Facebook partner, Caroline talked about the role Workplace can play in streamlining communications and the employee experience. Providing one place for employees to access all their tools, collaborate in workgroups and hear the latest news from the CEO. Creating that essential community needed to connect your people to your purpose which is at the heart of an engaged workforce.
Thursday brunch in action

Caroline was hosted by Tony and Stuart from Masgroves. To attend a future Thursday Brunch, packed with guests, cookery and chat, drop Caroline a line and she’ll get you signed up:

What we discussed

  • How to increase collaboration company-wide
  • Practical tips on using technology to promote an open way of working
  • How to drive cultural change
  • Discover how user-generated communication works
  • Understand how technology is changing how we work – for the better

If you’d like to find out more about how Workplace by Facebook give Caroline a call on 07946 524 304 or click here to start a free trial

The future of work in partnership with Facebook

70 business leaders joined us in March for an informal breakfast seminar hosted by Workplace by Facebook in partnership with the 300.

During the seminar, co-founders, Caroline and Phil discussed the unstoppable trends shaping the world of work and how modern leaders are changing the way they engage and communicate to meet the needs of their people.

Rachel Clacher, co-founder of Moneypenny, a regular in the Sunday Times Best Place to Work, talked about how placing people at the heart of business strategy has informed the success of her company.

A Workplace customer, Rachel told us how the innovative communications platform has enhanced community, culture and the bottom line.

Ruth Dance, Managing Director of the Employee Engagement Alliance also joined us on the panel for a debate with the Workplace by Facebook team.

Future of Work Panel Event
Our panel debating how to create the modern workplace.

Some of our guests were also treated to an exclusive Oculus demonstration, Facebook’s virtual reality technology.

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About Caroline Watkin – 300 Co-founder

I’m a seasoned marketer and expert in communications. Whether that’s in the digital world of apps, mobile, social, blogs, web and email, or through the stuff you can hold in your hands: direct mail, brochures, guides or annual reports. I’m equally at home crafting brilliant internal communications for my clients.

At the end of the day, it’s about figuring out what you want to say, who you want to say it to and creating a message that suits the medium.

It sounds easy when you put it like that but if we’re honest most consultants don’t help their clients say anything memorable. And that’s what makes me different from everyone else.

I help businesses answer the seemingly simple, but toughest questions: what’s the key thing your business wants to stand for, what’s its unique story and how do you tell that story in a way that makes sense to customers and investors?

For example, at Robert Walters, this global recruitment group was lucky enough to sponsor the iconic rugby brand: The British & Irish Lions. I created a campaign that spoke to the joint values of the recruitment brand: Robert Walters and The Lions. The campaign engendered genuine emotion, take a look here.

We went from 300 to 20,000 Facebook likes had 45% of our audience talking about us, reached 50,000 unique web visitors in 4 months and received 18,000 YouTube views.

But I think what really makes me stand out is that I have lots of great ideas and know how to execute them. Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at the interview guide I created in Manga style for the Japanese market.

My key skills:

Marketing, communications and content strategy with a proven track record of delivering campaigns. Workplace by Facebook expert with the ability to coach board members to develop their own authentic voice.

Give me a call

If you want to talk communications, Workplace by Facebook, horses or salsa dancing, give me a call today on + 44 (0) 7946 524 304 or email

About 300

We’re a creative communications agency.

Let us tell you why we’re a bit different.

For one, we’ve been in your shoes – we’re not ‘agency’ people.  We are senior digital communications specialists who’ve worked at the coal face of marketing and communications for the past 20 years. 

Poacher turned gamekeeper if you like. Frustrated by agencies (big and small) who didn’t get the commercial realities of our business, or who failed to deliver truly mobile website design, we realised we had some unique insights. 

In fact, we felt so passionately that it set us on a bit of a mission to prove ourselves.  And that’s how 300 came to be.  Now we work with a range of clients from consumer brands, and food manufacturers to professional services.

We truly understand digital communications, we can deliver on the detail needed to create internal communications, websites, email, apps, digital publications, and we can stop you making expensive mistakes. 

But we also understand how to integrate your on and offline presence, internally and externally to make one coherent brand story.  It’s surprising how many agencies say they can do this but actually fail to deliver.   

We can help set your course with strategy and planning, for your whole business or a campaign. And we’re dab hands at creating beautiful words and pictures that will bring your social, website or internal campaigns to life.  

We’re passionate Workplace by Facebook partners:

  • We link your business drivers and values to your Workplace strategy so you can achieve real results.
  • We won the Best Workplace Launch at the Workplace Transform Awards for our innovative use of the platform.
  • We are unique in offering deeply integrated Chief Workplace Officer services.

Oh and we’re big fans of the Spartans legend where a bit of smart thinking from a bunch of determined die-hards beat the might of the Persian army.

Give us a call on 07813 159019, or drop us a line and see how our commercial creativity can help your business today. Find out more about 300  founders Caroline Watkin and Phil Jenkins.

About Phil Jenkins – 300 Co-founder

I’ve got a Computer Science Masters degree so I’m fluent in ‘geek’ but I’m a creative marketer too. ‘Creative’ has to be one of the most over-used words, so why should you believe me?

Well, for one I’ve been advising companies and delivering creative digital strategies that really work for over 25 years.

As digital marketing director at Robert Walters Group I implemented Workplace by Facebook for three global brands and over 4000 staff, an enterprise-level Adobe content management system, launched over 200 websites in 10 languages across 28 countries, created award-winning apps and was named in the global top 3 #mostsociallyengaged recruitment company on LinkedIn, three years running.

One of my favourite projects solved the problem of Japanese job seekers being nervous about interviewing at Western companies. I pitched the idea of a Manga style interview guide to Robert Walters’ Japan business.

I secured the funding, created a unique user interface, delivered great content and launched it to market. It was named one of the Telegraph’s top apps – in good company with the Economist, BBC News, and Flipboard.

I have a unique ability to solve business problems through creative digital communication. I see to the heart of an issue and help others do the same. It’s proved to be my most valuable asset. Now I work with a range of clients from Finsbury Food Group, SRM and Samaritans.

Phil’s past lives

My past lives include: professional sailor, art school grad, photographer and computer geek.  I like to think this makes me a little smarter than the average bear. It certainly gives me the fire to implement new ideas and stand behind them.

My core skills:

Award-winning communications and digital marketing. From strategy to delivery across a global audience.

Four Phil facts

  • I’m the one who people turn to in a crisis
  • You can put me in front of the board, marketers, designers and geeks
  • I love kite-surfing, sailing, falling off surfboards, Monocle magazine, and my kids
  • And I tell a good tale (all those years at sea)

If you want to talk workplace transformation, digital communications or falling off surfboards, get in touch.

Get in touch

Give Phil a call on + 44 (0) 7813 159019 or email