About 300

We’re a creative communications agency.

Let us tell you why we’re a bit different.

For one, we’ve been in your shoes – we’re not ‘agency’ people.  We are senior digital communications specialists who’ve worked at the coal face of marketing and communications for the past 20 years. 

Poacher turned gamekeeper if you like. Frustrated by agencies (big and small) who didn’t get the commercial realities of our business, or who failed to deliver truly mobile website design, we realised we had some unique insights. 

In fact, we felt so passionately that it set us on a bit of a mission to prove ourselves.  And that’s how 300 came to be.  Now we work with a range of clients from consumer brands, and food manufacturers to professional services.

We truly understand digital communications, we can deliver on the detail needed to create internal communications, websites, email, apps, digital publications, and we can stop you making expensive mistakes. 

But we also understand how to integrate your on and offline presence, internally and externally to make one coherent brand story.  It’s surprising how many agencies say they can do this but actually fail to deliver.   

We can help set your course with strategy and planning, for your whole business or a campaign. And we’re dab hands at creating beautiful words and pictures that will bring your social, website or internal campaigns to life.  

We’re passionate Workplace by Facebook partners:

  • We link your business drivers and values to your Workplace strategy so you can achieve real results.
  • We won the Best Workplace Launch at the Workplace Transform Awards for our innovative use of the platform.
  • We are unique in offering deeply integrated Chief Workplace Officer services.

Oh and we’re big fans of the Spartans legend where a bit of smart thinking from a bunch of determined die-hards beat the might of the Persian army.

Give us a call on 07813 159019, or drop us a line and see how our commercial creativity can help your business today. Find out more about 300  founders Caroline Watkin and Phil Jenkins.

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