Do you still need an intranet these days?

Are you considering what communications technology you need in place to drive productivity in a hybrid work setting? Or are you dead set on a new intranet but haven’t considered the alternatives out there? Perhaps you’re wondering how other companies are organising company knowledge and can’t see the wood for the trees in your business?

If you’re going in circles then come on in and find out how to make the right choice for your organisation, the reasons why intranets fail so often and the different models companies are adopting to replace or modernise the traditional intranet.

Caveat: this is NOT just for techies, we cover the people, culture and business aspects of choosing communications technology and intranets. In fact, we take a deeper dive into why the needs of people matter when making communications technology choices.

We also discuss how the rise of consumer technology is impacting us at work and why the future of work matters when considering your next intranet move.

Whether your intranet is a thorn in your side OR your crowning glory, this episode will give you the lowdown on what’s next for the modern intranet and workplace technology. And if you’re in the ‘why have an intranet’ camp there’s plenty here to drive the conversation with your business. 

In this episode we’re discussing:

  • The legacy of early intranets and how old thinking still impacts organisations today 3:37
  • Definition of the ‘intranet’ - knowledge repository or news channel? 4:22
  • What are the alternatives to an intranet? 5:56 OR 
  • The benefits of social technology vs an intranet 6:41  
  • The rise of the personalised news feed v static intranets 7:37 
  • How does your organisation type influence your technology choice? 8:58
  • What are the factors you need to consider when choosing a new intranet solution? 8:58
  • Why some companies are ditching the intranet in favour of social collaboration 9:19
  • The biggest reason intranets fail and how you can avoid this 10:52
  • The three most popular models for organising company information 11:17
  • The disadvantages of an intranet & why companies replace them every 3-5 years 14:00
  • Is Microsoft Teams the answer to everything? 15:05
  • Who you need to get involved in the decision and why 23:32
  • The ESSENTIAL thing you need to do avoid making a comms technology mistake 28:44
  • The rise of ‘shadow’ IT 30:39
  • New to market ‘intranet’ options that are changing the game 33:36
  • Why forgetting front line workers is a mistake 34:34
Key resources mentioned in this episode:
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