The future of work in partnership with Facebook

70 business leaders joined us in March for an informal breakfast seminar hosted by Workplace by Facebook in partnership with the 300.

During the seminar, co-founders, Caroline and Phil discussed the unstoppable trends shaping the world of work and how modern leaders are changing the way they engage and communicate to meet the needs of their people.

Rachel Clacher, co-founder of Moneypenny, a regular in the Sunday Times Best Place to Work, talked about how placing people at the heart of business strategy has informed the success of her company.

A Workplace customer, Rachel told us how the innovative communications platform has enhanced community, culture and the bottom line.

Ruth Dance, Managing Director of the Employee Engagement Alliance also joined us on the panel for a debate with the Workplace by Facebook team.

Future of Work Panel Event
Our panel debating how to create the modern workplace.

Some of our guests were also treated to an exclusive Oculus demonstration, Facebook’s virtual reality technology.

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