Transforming Tsavo

The Robert Walters Group wanted to build a long-term partnership with the charity Global Angels as a key part of their sustainability agenda. Working with Global Angels gave Robert Walters the chance to make a difference to one remote community in the Itinyi Valley, Kenya over the long-term.  

Giles Daubeney, COO of the Robert Walters Group asked us to document the story to share with staff, customers and investors; raising awareness of the life-saving work carried out by Global Angels.

Robert Walters sent eight staff a year to work with the community and we joined them over the course of two years, creating a range of internal and external communications. But we wanted to do more so we also created a photography exhibition, film and a book. 


Afshin Feiz made three trips to the valley to document the progress of the project.

He built an incredibly strong bond with the local people. It wasn’t uncommon to see Afshin put down his camera down to help on building and farming projects and his pictures demonstrate the close bond he established both with the local people and the project volunteers from the Robert Walters Group.


Caroline created the communications strategy for the Robert Walters Group and a suite of communications to share with staff, investors and the wider world. She also created the vision for and wrote the book ‘Transforming Tsavo’ in the voice of Molly Beddingfield, founder of Global Angels. The book tells the Itinyi people’s story of struggle and transformation. 


We designed, typeset and oversaw the printing of the book as well as planning and managing launch event, exhibition and pop-up gallery in Covent Garden where we sold pictures and copies of the book to raise money for the charity.

Finally, we designed and launched an online shop to sell copies of the book and prints from the exhibition to continue raising funds for the charity.

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We have used Photography, Film, Books and even Mobile Apps to bring sustainability and CSR to life by telling engaging stories that people remember.

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