Complimentary Consultation Session

We want to extend an invitation to all Workplace from Facebook customers to call us for help and advice in this time of crisis.

Being responsible for Workplace can be tough. You might find that you are now responsible for critical communications when that's not your area of expertise. Or you might be wondering whether your group structure is serving you well as the need for clear communication grows. 

Connecting is critical at this time. Conversation can help. Reach out to us for  a complimenatary consultation session. 

Are your communications landing?

Are people even reading your covid-19 communications? What do people think of them? Which departments are engaging?  

Communications are key to engaging staff. But in times of crisis, communiction is critical. If staff don't have confidence in what you're saying, business operations will suffer.

Even simple changes of tone can make all the difference. Especially to front line workers. 

We are helping clients navigate this unprecented change through clear, effective employee communications.

How we can help

Call us for a complimentary consultation. Ask us questions, find out what others are doing, no strings attached.

If you need more help we can do a deeper assessment of the effectiveness of your communications on Workplace.

This crisis is going to be our new reality for the coming weeks and months, so getting your planning, group structure and Workplace effectiveness ramped up is critical.

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis (along with years of experience) to provide you with an overview of your Workplace by Facebook health.

We’ll give you an easy to follow report you can share with the board, including qualitative feedback developed from our 40 + years in communications.


“300 has accelerated Finsbury Food Group's Workplace use, working closely with myself and the board.”

Jackie Kent, Group HR DirectorFinsbury Food Group

Get just the help you need

  • Bespoke Q&A and FAQs
  • Covid-19 statements
  • CEO supported communications
  • Group structure and use
  • Management of covid-19 groups
  • Content, style, quality and effectiveness
  • Communications if one of your staff tests positive for Coronavirus 
  • Communicating about suspected cases

 Workplace Healthcheck

Ensure Workplace is set up to bring people closer, make teamwork faster, and make culture stronger. We can review your instance and ensure you are set up for success. 

The 300 difference

For one, we’ve been in your shoes – we’re not ‘agency’ people or typical consultants. We are senior digital and communications practitioners who’ve worked at the coal face of communications for the past 20 years.

We are experts in all aspects of communications – from rapid reactive positioning, media comment, FAQ and Q&A development, media handling, social media management, in the moment advice on employee communications, as well as internal communications strategy and planning.

We're Workplace from Facebook specialists too, so understand how to bring culture and communications to life across the platform.

We understand the complete landscape of internal communications, the employee experience, culture and workflow.


Three ways to support you

Empowering you to talk effectively to your people and customers

Communications Support

Strategic or practical assistance with your communications.

Workplace Review

A deep dive review of Workplace adoption factors.

Business Continuity Reviews

A review of your tech to enable seamless working from home.

What's next?

Call Phil today for your complimentary consultation.