Workplace from Facebook Healthcheck

The easy way to track your Workplace by Facebook success

Being responsible for Workplace can be tough. It’s probably just part of your role and there’s never enough time in the day.

We can lighten the load with our Workplace by Facebook Healthcheck. 

Discover how your Workplace instance compares, check out your most engaged departments and learn how to improve your Workplace health today. 

We’ll give you an easy to follow, beautiful report you can share with the board, including qualitative feedback developed from our 40 + years in communications.

We can review your Workplace as a one-off exercise or review every quarter. 

How it works

Having signed a mutually agreed NDA you will just need to grant us admin access to your Workplace by Facebook instance.

We use a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis (along with years of experience) to provide you with an overview of your Workplace by Facebook health.

It’s not just about finding problems either. We will also highlight the things you are doing well and share tried and tested quick wins that will take your Workplace engagement to the next level.

“300 has accelerated Finsbury Food Group's Workplace use, working closely with myself and the board.”

Jackie Kent, Group HR DirectorFinsbury Food Group

Included in our review

  • Users, teams, departments
  • Acceptance and engagement factors
  • Group structure and use
  • Content, style, quality and effectiveness
  • Org chart and data quality
  • How you compare
  • Challenges, concerns & issues
  • Quick wins and future opportunities

 Pulse Healthcheck

The 300 difference

For one, we’ve been in your shoes – we’re not ‘agency’ people or typical consultants. We are senior digital and practitioners who’ve worked at the coal face of communications for the past 20 years.

That’s important because most consultants sell you the theory, but fail to grasp the reality of driving organisational change.

We’ve launched Workplace from within a business and as consultants.

300 is a Workplace specialist but we understand the complete landscape of internal communications, the employee experience, culture and workflow.

Workplace Healthcheck Packages

Empowering you to get the most from Workplace


Level 1
A complete review of your Workplace and how you compare delivered in a beautiful report.


Level 2
A deep dive review of Workplace adoption factors, including conversations with key stakeholders and a survey of users.


Level 3
Everything in Scale + we look at all your tools and systems in your employees' hands and how Workplace fits.

What's next?

Call Phil today to discuss your Workplace from Facebook Healthcheck.