The At Home Box Company

September 30, 2017 | BrandDesignFilmPhotographySocial Media

The At Home Box Company
Launch Campaign 

We were given just three months to build demand for Anthea Turner’s home and lifestyle subscription box service, The At Home Box Company.

Cosy home lovers, women, aged 37-55

The Challenge
We had a very limited budget to meet some very big aspirations so identifying and targeting the right customers was key, daily testing and refining was key to the campaign.  We set both tone of voice and visual identities as well as customer personas.  We were online almost 24×7 and built a very engaged audience who went on to make 80% of all purchases.

What we did

  • Social strategy and posting themes
  • Social deployment, community engagement
  • Film and photography
  • Created visual identity and tone of voice guidelines
  • Blog writing
  • Email marketing


  • 94,000 video views
  • 640,000 social impressions
  • Instagram followers: 0 – 1500
  • Facebook followers: 0 – 1600
  • 14% engagement (Birchbox 0.5%)
  • 80% of sales from social
  • 76.2% website traffic from social
  • Very high email click through rate of over 40%