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If you are trying to understand which remote working tools are going to be best for your organisation you are not alone. 

Covid-19 has led many companies to implement ‘knee jerk’ responses to enable remote working. But many haven’t stopped to consider the real needs of the business, security or cost. 

Our playbook, released on 20th May sets out the answers to your key questions, demystifies the increasingly complex problem of enabling your remote workers, now and in the future, and even shows you some ways you can save money.

We will focus on Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook and Slack but we will also be discussing, Zoom, Monday.Com and other work tools for making teamwork faster, bringing people closer and making culture stronger. 

Who is this playbook for?

IT directors, communications professionals and HR leaders.

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We help companies choose and use remote working tools to future proof their business and give employees the best experience.

We are also experts in all aspects of communications – from rapid reactive positioning,  media handling, social media management, in the moment advice on employee communications, as well as internal communications strategy and planning. We are also passionate Workplace from Facebook partners but provide impartial advice based on your unique needs.

At the moment we are offering free one hour consultations to anyone who needs a second opinion or needs some ideas to help them lead the way. Find out more here. 

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